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  1. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Bentley Continental GT ID(ex infernus 411): Elegy Marime: elegy.dff (5.92mb) elegy.txd (0.98mb) Link:
  2. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 2008 ID(ex infernus 411): Uranus Marime: uranus.dff (2.52mb) uranus.txd (1.79mb) uranus1.txd (0.5mb) uranus2.txd (0.5mb) uranus3.txd (0.5mb) Link:
  3. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider ID(ex infernus 411): Cheetah Marime: cheetah.dff (3.89mb) cheetah.txd (2.07mb) Link:
  4. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Daewoo Cielo 1.5 GLS 1998 ID(ex infernus 411): Vincent Marime: vincent.dff (2.18mb) vincent.txd (3.53mb) Link:
  5. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Audi A4 2005 Avant 3.2 quattro ID(ex infernus 411):Solair Marime: solair.dff (3.44mb) solair.txd (2.97mb) Link:
  6. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:BMW 325i Coupe ID(ex infernus 411):Elegy Marime: elegy.dff (4.24mb) elegy.txd (1.19mb) Link:
  7. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Cadillac Escalade Stock ID(ex infernus 411): Huntley Marime: huntley.dff (3.53mb) huntley.txd (0.98mb) Link:
  8. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Dacia 1310 Break WUC ID(ex infernus 411):Merit Marime:merit.dff (2.46mb)merit.txd (5.2mb) Link:
  9. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:Aro 242 - Dakar 1985 ID(ex infernus 411):SandKing Marime:sandking.dff (5.57mb)sandking.txd (1.28mb) Link:
  10. Nume pe server:ST|NotHax Nume mod:SnowBoard ID(ex infernus 411):ID 509 Bike Marime: bike.dff (0.14mb) bike.txd (0.18mb) Link:
  11. Nume pe server:NotHax Nume mod:Dacia 1310 Sport Tuning v2 ID(ex infernus 411):bullet Marime: bullet.dff (2.82mb) bullet.txd (4.76mb) Link:
  12. Nume pe server:NotHax Nume mod:Rolls-Royce Wraith ID(ex infernus 411):infernus Marime: infernus.dff (6.93mb) infernus.txd (3.73mb) Link:
  13. Nume pe server:NotHaX#Padurar Nume mod:Bathtub Dinghy ID(ex infernus 411): Dinghy Marime: dinghy.dff (1.3mb) dinghy.txd (0.13mb) Link: