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  1. Nick in joc: EnDuRo Level:22 Poza cu /stats: https://imgur.com/elxqbUk Alte mentiuni: -Sunt pregatit pentru a deveni un agent National Guard
  2. Nick in jock: EnDuRO Level: 20 Poza cu /stats : https://imgur.com/aCVGI0U
  3. Nume:EnDuRo Rank:3 Poza /pday 1 https://imgur.com/D1OJeXV Poza /pday 2 : https://imgur.com/a/PQcbge4 29 Active Hours Poze curse : https://imgur.com/a/UWtKwcN
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    Doresc o/un: Avatar/Semnatura/Userbar/Cover: Avatar Imagine: https://imgur.com/HKjnshi Text: EnDuRo_eg Dimensiuni: 150x250 Ultima cerere: - Detalii: -
  5. Nick in joc:EnDuRo Level:3 Poza cu /stats: https://imgur.com/XaRhlIj Alte mentiuni: =