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Tom Clancys HAWK


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Ce parere aveti despre noul joc ?


Despre Tom Clancys HAWK :


The PC version of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter takes place from a first-person perspective. This version allows the player to issue different commands to each individual squad member, in an effort to appeal to the fans of the original Ghost Recon series. It requires the player to use squad tactics in order to achieve success. It also features larger levels than the console versions, with enemy AI more likely to use ambush tactics, thus requiring more situational awareness from the player.


Like the Xbox 360 (and Play Station 2) versions, the PC version features a cross-com system that allows the player to issue commands to other friendly units (i.e. UAV drones or tanks), as well as to lay out attack routes and battle plans on a real-time tactical map. The cross-com system also highlights enemy soldiers spotted by friendly units, however unlike the Xbox 360 version, the cross-com will only highlight enemy soldiers spotted by computer-controlled squadmates, rather than those in the player's own field of vision.


The PC version can take advantage of the presence of an Ageia PhysX card, however the enhancements are only cosmetic and offer no benefits gameplay-wise.

Versiunea tradusa in romana(nui prea buna):

PC-ul versiunii de Ghost recunoastere: Advanced Warfighter are loc de la o prima persoană perspectivă. Această versiune permite jucător de a emite diferite comenzi de la fiecare echipa membru,

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