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Tomorrow for 24 hours Red Orchestra 2 will be Free

Yes, Free! By navigating to and downloading the game tomorrow after the promotion starts and before it ends (the promotion will last 24 hours), the game will be free to keep forever!

Following this, we will be rolling into a free weekend for Rising Storm (free for a limited time) as well as a discount! If you've been trying to convince a friend to play Red Orchestra 2 with you, there will be no better time than tomorrow!


// Adică astăzi va fi gratis.

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Calibre 10 Racing Alpha Giveaway (STEAM KEY) -


Available Keys: 3337 - Hurry upALL KEYS CLAIMED!  :D

Alpha Release Features:

  • Evolution in Motorsports - A major catastrophe throws the world's economy into chaos, giving rise to a new breed of motorsports combining cutting edge automotive and military weapons technology, where driver and shooter  work as one to claim C10 Championship glory.
  • Calibre Class Vehicles 1-3 - Drivers get behind the wheels of Calibre class 1-3 high concept vehicles, from speed king supercars to rugged off-road mechanical masterpieces, designed by real world industrial designers.
  • Calibre Class Turrets 1-3  - Shooters take control of the world's most advanced ballistic and drone weaponry including: sniper turrets with EMP rounds to Missile pods with Kinetic Warheads, to lay waste to opposing teams.
  • Calibre Class Tracks 1-3 - Teams will hit the starting grid on 3 of the most well know tracks on the C10 Racing Circuit.





PS : Necesită cont pe

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