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Condica sectiunii

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In acest topic vor fi prezenti useri sau moderatori ce au realizat editii "Paine calda" in trecut.

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Editia 1 organizator Katsuui.

Editia 2 organizator Skiz0r.

Editia 3 organizator Katsuui.

Editia 4 organizator mixXL.

Editia 5 organizator mixXL.

Editia 6 organizator SpontaN

Editia 7 organizator mixXL.

Editia 8 organizator Deamon.

Editia Lotto organizator mixXL.

Editia 9 organizator mixXL

.Editia 10 organizator oNNNi

.Editia 11 organizator mixXL.

Editia 12 organizatori Skiz0R si Daria.

Editie de craciun organizatori grupul graffers.

Editia 13 organizator mixXL

.Editia 14 organizator Kenoby.

Editia 16 organizator legoKIDOR.

Editia 17 organizator Kenoby.

Editia 18 organizator Aurian.

Editia 19 organizator Deamon.

Editia 20 organizator praffzor.

Editia 21 organizator Tumbyho.

Editia 22 organizator oxxy.

Editia 23 organizatori oxxy si praffzor

.Editia 24 organizator Tumbyho.

Editia 25 organizator Lykke.

Editia 26 organizator Lykke.

Editia 27 organizator LilGangsta.

Editia 28 organizator ConGFX.

Primul venit, primul servit organizator Skiz0r.

Editia 29 organizator Daria.

Editia 30 organizator syNNNftw.

Editia 31 organizator LilGangsta.

Editia 32 organizator syNNNftw.

Editia 33 organizator Katsuui.

Editia 34 organizator LilGangsta.

Editia 35 organizator Happens.

Editia 36 organizator mixXL.

Editia 37 organizator Skiz0R.

Editia 38 organizator Blondu313.

Editia 39 organizator LilGangsta.

Editia 40 organizator Satana95.

Editia 41 organizator Exo.

Editia 42 organizator Lykke.

Editia 43 organizator  Blondu313.

Editia 44 organizator Aurian.

Editia 45 organizator IniTial.

Editia 46 organizator aXeL7.

Editia 47 organizator mixXL.

Editia 48 organizator UsRaX.

Editia 49 organizator aGueRo.

Editia 50 organizator Olandezu.

Editia 51 organizator UsRaX.

Editia 52 organizator BOGDAN95.

Editia 53 organizator Boogey.

Editia 54 organizator Katsuui.

Editia 55 organizator mixXL.

Editia 56 organizator Olandezu.

Editia 57 organizator Katsuui.

Editia 57.1 - XMas organizator Swedian.

Editia 58 organizator TUMBY.

Editia 59 organizator Happens.

Editia 60 organizator Happens.

Editia 61 organizator Happens.

Editia 62 organizator BOGDAN95.

Editia 63 organizator Exchange.

Editia 64 organizator UsRaX.

Editia 65 organizator TUMBY.

Editia 66 organizator Vlad122.

Editia 67 organizator Cler1c.

Editia 68 organizator Happens.

Editia 69 organizator Exchange.

Editia 70 organizator Exchange.

Editia 71 organizator Happens.

Editia 72 organizator Exchange.

Editia 73 organizator Exchange.

Editia 74 organizator Morningstar.

Editia 75 organizator Morningstar.

Editia 76 organizator SKiZ0R.

Editia 77 organizator Happens.

Editia 78 organizator Andrei_TMB.

Editia 79 organizator  Morningstar.

Editia 80 organizator Exchange.

Editia 81 organizator Exchange.

Editia 82 organizator pulse.

Editia 83 organizator eXemplu.

Editita 84 organizator skiz0r.

Editita 85 organizator lego.

Editita 86 organizator OmuPower.

Editita 87 organizator Exchange.

Editia 88 organizator pulsegfx.

Editia 89 organizator EuGeN85.

Editia 90 organizator EuGeN85.

Editia 91 organizator OmuPower.

Editia 92 organizator Shc.

Editia 93 organizator Katsuui.

Editia 94 organizator Exchange.

Editia 95 organizator LilGangsta.

Editia 96 organizator ziADRIAN.

Editia 97 organizator DRGN.

Editia 98 organizator Happens.

Editia 99 organizator Shc.

Editia 100 organizata de catre echipa de grafica si design.

Editia 101 organizator Vladutz26.

Marea Giftuiala organizator LilGangsta.

Editia 102 organizator Exchange.

Editia 103 organizator pulse.

Editia 104 organizator Shc.

Editia 105 organizator Bogdan11.

Editia 106 organizator Exchange.

Editia 107 organizator OmuPower.

Editia 108 organizator Andrei_TMB.

Editia 109 organizator EuGeN85.

Editia 110 organizator EuGeN85.

Editia 111 organizator Exchange.

Editia 112 organizator eXemplu.

Editia 113 organizator Exchange.

Edited by Exchange
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