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Vreau sa nu imi mai apara gradele de exemplu apar asa:
nu vreau sa mai apara [1] [2] astea..
Si in chat cand scrie adminu sa ii arate gradul exemplu [Fondator]Alecsy: asjaga si cand este CT sa scrie cu verde si cand e tero cu rosu

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#define MAX_GROUPS 12
new g_groupNames[MAX_GROUPS][] = {
new g_groupFlags[MAX_GROUPS][] = {
new g_groupFlagsValue[MAX_GROUPS]
public plugin_init() {
register_plugin("Amx Who by eXtream", "1.0", "")
register_concmd("amx_who", "cmdWho", 0)
for(new i = 0; i < MAX_GROUPS; i++) {
g_groupFlagsValue[i] = read_flags(g_groupFlags[i])
public cmdWho(id) {
new players[32], inum, player, name[32], i, a
get_players(players, inum)
console_print(id, "")
for(i = 0; i < MAX_GROUPS; i++) {
console_print(id, "-----[%d]%s-----", i+1, g_groupNames[i])
for(a = 0; a < inum; ++a) {
player = players[a]
get_user_name(player, name, 31)
if(get_user_flags(player) == g_groupFlagsValue[i]) {
console_print(id, "%s", name)
console_print(id, "")


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