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  1. GeoGG

    e36 Touring

    Nu ai respectat modelul. + ca modul are mai mult de 8 mb.
  2. Depaseste limita de mb
  3. GeoGG

    BMW M2 Coupe

    E ok da depaseste limita de mb
  4. Nume pe server: SOA|eJecT-M Nume mod: Audi A8l W12 6.0 ID(ex infernus 411): 426 Marime: premier.dff (4.35mb)premier.txd (2.1mb) Link:
  5. Nume pe server: VDLM|eJecT Nume mod: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R 2016 ID(ex infernus 411): 496 Marime: blistac.dff (4.77mb) blistac.txd (2.34mb) Link:
  6. mai bun cel de pe sv. CON
  7. Nume pe server: #eJecT# Nume mod: Nissan GT-R R35 ID(ex infernus 411): 415 Marime: cheetah.dff (4.98mb)cheetah.txd (2.86mb) Link:
  8. Nume pe server: #eJecT# Nume mod: Ford Mustang GT 2015 ID(ex infernus 411): 439 Marime: stallion.dff (3.95mb) stallion.txd (2.34mb) Link:
  9. Nume pe server: #eJecT# Nume mod: Audi R8 LMS Ultra v1.0.1 DR ID(ex infernus 411): Marime: hotring.dff (4.15mb) hotring.txd (1.5mb) Link:
  10. Nume pe server: #eJecT# Nume mod: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06 ID(ex infernus 411): 602 Marime: alpha.dff (4.89mb) alpha.txd (2.38mb) Link:
  11. Nume pe server :#eJecT# Nume mod: Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution VIII 2003 ID(ex infernus 411):560 Marime: sultan.dff (3.4mb) sultan.txd (2.89mb) Link:
  12. Nume pe server:#eJecT# Nume mod:Nissan skyline GT-R34 Mk.X ID(ex infernus 411):562 Marime: turismo.dff (3.75mb) turismo.txd (4.79mb) Link: