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  1. South Park:Bigger Longer & Uncut
  2. Justice League:The crisis on the two earrths
  3. Charlie and the chocolate factory
  4. Eu cand vreau sa fluier,fluier!
  5. 1.Nu prea inteleg,incearca edit->free transform,si o faci cat vrei,dupa ai instanga sus move tool si o muti... 2.in stanga ai crop tool ( c ) 3.nu prea inteleg care alb,te ajuta asta ? http://forum.egaming.ro/tutoriale-f119-min...alb-t45360.html
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  7. MikeyDarkAngel

    SOTW Discutii

    Sprite. Gen : Maraka Sprite Tut by Blain
  8. am incercat eu micutzule,e din mures
  9. Scary Movie 1,2,3! 10/10,10/10,9/10
  10. Site : www.funny-games.biz/main.html Descriere : Un site foarte atractiv,cu o gramada de jocuri din toate domeniile!!!
  11. Mi'a starnit interesul,cred k il voi cauta!